Science and Art / DNA Profile / Laboratory Art / Art and Medicine

Science and Art / DNA Profile / Laboratory Art / Art and Medicine

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Science and Art / Curved Glass Art / Glass Decoration / DNA Profile / Original Art / Laboratory Art / Art and Medicine / Fused Glass Art

This is a fantastic and unique piece of modern fused glass to make a statement in your home. The group of works is called 'Mensch' (German for 'human being') and represent the DNA profile of a human being. It was created as part of an exhibition with the theme of 'cloning'. The process of making these pieces reflect the work with genetics - a cell is being dismantled into its parts and then reassembled to form a new cell. Just like the glass in this piece: a pattern is created and fused together in the kiln. It is then cut up again and assembled into a brand-new pattern and fired for a second time. A truly unique piece!

- each curve is approximately 16 cm wide and 8.5 cm high (6.2 inches wide and 3.3 inches high)
- they all stand up by themselves and need no fixings
- they are even suitable for a bathroom

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